About us

We are a Zagreb-based law firm with more than twenty years of experience. We have the knowledge, experience and maturity that is combined with a continual inflow of young forces. Our professional scope of activity reflects our specialties and affinities. This is because we believe that we do best the things that we love and that interest us. Our focus is therefore on competition law and state aid law on the one hand, and commercial law and corporate law on the other. In previous work with our clients, we have gained substantial experience in the area of labour law, sports law, intellectual property and general civil and administrative law.

Public procurement

We are committed to increasing the transparency and efficiency of public procurement. We strongly believe in the beneficial effects of the properly conducted public procurement procedure. We are particularly interested in the relationship between public procurement and competition law.

Includes the following:

- providing legal counsel to contracting authorities in various sectors
- representation in the control of public procurement procedures and legal remedies in relation to public procurement
- counselling of the tenderers